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Transfagarasan Cultural Tour

Transfagarasan Cultural Tour – the one experience you won’t forget

What makes the Transfagarasan Cultural Tour stand out from all the other trips and tours available in Romania? It’s probably it’s uniqueness. The views are like nothing you have seen before. It almost feels as if you’re part of some fairytale. This is the place to go if you’re looking to detach yourself from a stressful job or every day life. It’s a nice, remote location, visited by many. The road gets rather crowded in the summertime. You definitely need a private guide to take you there at the best times, to avoid high traffic.

The road is a landmark of the communist regime

Transfagarasan Cultural TourThe Transfagarasan Cultural Tour will also unravel the road’s history to you. It reaches the altitude of 2145 meters and it was built mainly by soldiers and engineers. It took about 5 years to get if finalized. What most people don’t know is that the road was build at the same time from the two different ends. Unfortunately, 40 people have lost their lives in the process. One of the first attractions however is Vidraru Lake, an artificial dam built before Ceausescu came to power. A whole village had to be drowned in order to build this huge dam. It has a surface of around 900 hectares and merely 42 km of underground galleries.

The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour – other must-see attractions

When you reach the top of the road, there is Balea Lake, sitting calmly at 2043 meters altitude. It’s a glacial lake and also the main attraction. During wintertime, the Ice Hotel is being built from ice blocks taken from the Balea Lake. This hotel is also fully booked before it even starts to snow! Have we given you enough reasons to want to travel and take the Transfagarasan Cultural Tour? If you’re more of a hiker, you can take the easy one hour hike from Balea Lake to Capra Lake. If you like challenges a little more, you can take a longer hike. You start from the Black Peak and reach the Negoiu Peak after a few good hours. The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour is also a great option if you’re travelling with your kids and family. There are plenty of attractions to see, even for the little ones. Plus, there is a very attractive group discount available if you decide to bring your friends.